ISC Co-Curricular Record Rewards Program

ISC Co-Curricular Record Rewards Program

The ISC Co-Curricular Rewards Program allows students to earn credits for their involvement in events held by the International Student Centre.

How it works:

Each student will need to attend 15 hours of ISC events or a comination of ISC and other events noted below. You will receive a stamp card to help you keep track of your 15 hours. This stamp card can be obtained by the ISC front desk. Once you have attended 15 hours of events, submit your fully stamped card to the ISC AND submit your CCR approval request through MySuccess.


  • Each event is worth 1 hour, unless otherwise stated.
  • You will need to be present for the entire event and your card will only be stamped at the end of the event.
  • After attending 15 hours of events, you are required to hand in your filled stamp card into the ISC.
  • After completing the 15 hours, you will submit the request for approval through MySuccess.
  • Your CCR approval request will not be approved unless you have submitted your completed  stamp card to the ISC.
  • You must RSVP in advance. Please note there are some events that have a capacity limit
  • If you sign up and do not attend 2 or more events, you will not be eligible for the rewards program.

Other Eligible Events:

  • Attend up to 3 workshops offered by the Writing Support Desk
  • Attend up to 3 workshops at Career Development and Experiential Learning
  • Attend up to 3 events offered by the Wellness Outreach office
  • Attend up to 3 English Conversation groups offered by the Leddy Library

To learn more about the Co-Curricular Record please visit:

This program in effect September 24th 2019.


All ISC events qualify unless otherwise stated
You can obtain a stamp card from the ISC front desk
If we have record that you RSVP’d AND attended the event, you will be given the credit. However, you will only be allowed to claim lost card credits ONCE. Therefore it is important not to lose your card, or else you will have to start collecting credits from the beginning