Student Testimonials

Paula Soll, Brazil
Science Without Borders Exchange Student, 2013

"The not too small, not too big the University of Windsor was, definitely, the best choice for my exchange program. I could meet people from all over the world, go to school or work by bike and enjoy the breathtaking view from riverfront every single day. I can not be more thankful for how welcome I felt in the University of Windsor."

Jeslyn Xie, China
Master of Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

"I am so happy that I chose to study in University of Windsor. As one of the most diversified universities in Canada, it provides me a unique platform and many great opportunities take leadership roles in both the International Students' Society (ISS) and the Master of Management Society. I also enjoy my life in Windsor. People are so nice and friendly here."

Sanoy Koshy, India
Bachelor of Commerce, Honours Co-op

“The University of Windsor has truly developed me into a well-rounded person. The professors here are exemplary in their teaching styles. Windsor, though a small city has many opportunities in every area. I was thrilled to get my first Co-op position at the University and later got another with Scotiabank in Toronto. The Co-op component of my degree has enabled me to attain the technical and practical skills that has helped me to better compete in the outside world. The University has many part-time positions available for students, it also fosters a very inclusive environment. I have worked in a few part-time positions while doing my courses. Additionally, the University has many opportunities for student to get involved in extracurricular activities and has given me a rewarding ongoing undergraduate experience."

Franklin Ezenwa, Nigeria
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Honours Software Engineering

"I truly appreciate every single moment I spent at the University of Windsor. Most relationships I have made are likely going to be lifelong. I can testify that i am way different from what I was four years ago when I commenced my journey at the university. Socially, academically, spiritually, professionally and otherwise, i have grown through my UWindsor experiences. Not only that, i have also learnt to grow continually in those areas. Generally speaking, I not only passed through UWIndsor but UWindsor passed through me too and made remarkable inscriptions on me that I would live to remember. Cheers! "

Abu Arif, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Arts in International Relation 2007 and Master of Arts in, Political Science, 2009
Recipient of  Emerging Leader in International Education Award from CBIE. 
Currently resides in Toronto, Canada

"UWindsor education and student life experience has helped my whole personal development. I would not be leading a dynamic International Student Support Office (Ryerson University) had I not experienced exceptional international student life at UWindsor. I was able to learn critical social theories in the classroom and got the opportunity to practice those theories in day to day work through UWindsor's extraordinary student development and leadership development programs. Go Lancers Go!"