Students from China

Life in Canada as an International UW Student

Each semester hundreds of students from countries across the globe arrive at the university to begin their journeys. Over 15000 students attend the University as of today with 12% of the students hailing from outside Canada.


The first concern for most students coming from China is the weather. Yes, it is Canada. However, Windsor is our southernmost city and only gets cold from the beginning of December to mid-March. The snowfall is very intermittent with maybe 3 to 5 major snow falls. Warm clothes, a good winter jacket and good shoes are keys to getting through winter. The rest of the year ranges from a warm summer to a pleasant fall.  If you want to compare the weather in Windsor with one city in China, Beijing or Dalian should be good references.

Food and Restaurants

Windsor is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada with a secure and welcoming community. There are many Chinese restaurants like ErosSun HongHot & Spicy House within walking distance from the university and several more in the city, such as May WahJadeShin Shin. The University’s cafeteria also serves a variety of food including vegetarian options.

As the fourth most ethnically diverse community in Canada, Windsor also has various kinds of cuisines from other different countries. You will get opportunities to have a taste of the traditional Italian pasta, Mexican taco, Vietnamese rice noodle, Indian curry, Mediterranean falafel and many more.


There are many choices regarding living, you can either live on campus or off campus.

  1. University Residence

The university residences are all located on campus, which is very convenient for you to live and study. If you plan on living in one of the campus residences, you can also choose a Meal Plan, there are several meal plans to choose from. Besides that, you can get many other benefits from living on campus, such as making more friends, developing your leadership, and improving your English skills.

  1. Off-Campus Accommodation

If you choose to stay off campus, you can look for places by checking websites such as or Places4Students. You can find two types of places to stay, one is house, the average rental is about $350 - $400 a month and usually includes all utilities, the other one is apartment, which is more private than houses, but also more expensive, which is about $700 - $900 per month.


  1. Groceries

There are many grocery stores in Windsor you can go shopping, such as Wal-MartFRESHCOMetroSuperstoreFood BasicsDollarama, etc. Most of them have online flyers that you can check out.

  1. Others

Some stores focus on specific items. For example, if you want to buy stationery, you can go to Staples, if you want to check out kitchenware or automotive products, Canadian Tire might be a good choice, if you need some health care products, Shoppers would be a good place to go.

  1. Chinese Stores

Superstore has some Chinese products. There are also several smaller Chinese grocery stores in Windsor, such as Wingli FarmMing Li VegetablesHoa Viet Oriental Groceries and World Market Fresh.

  1. Shopping Mall

As for apparel, you can get all kinds of clothes, shoes and cosmetics in Devonshire Mall, located at Howard Avenue. Since Windsor is located to the south of Detroit, the U.S. is another great place for shopping.


Bank branches’ addresses which are close to the university:

WFCU: 2455 Wyandotte Street West
TD Bank: 2110 Wyandotte West

Bank of Montreal: 200 Ouellette Avenue

Scotiabank: 1570 Huron Church

CIBC: 100 Ouellette Avenue

RBC: 245 Ouellette Ave


  1. Buses

Students usually get around the city using Windsor Transit Buses. Transit Windsor operates the public transit service for the municipality of the City of Windsor, as well as direct service to Downtown City of Detroit, Comerica Park, and Ford Field via the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. The buses cover most routes and are as frequent as one every 15 minutes on weekdays. You can check the faresschedulestickets purchase locations and the interactive route map by going their website.

  1. Taxis

It is very convenient to call the taxi when you are going out. Here are some main taxi companies’ number in Windsor:

Vets Cab: 519-256-2621

Canadian Checker Cab: 519-254-7777

Lasalle Taxi: 519-734-4444

  1. Student Car Share

The University also provides car share facility for students with license to rent a car for a few hours or a few days at a reduced rate. It is the convenient, affordable and eco-friendly way to get around – without the expense and commitment of car ownership. Membership perks include free gas, free insurance, free maintenance, and free 24/7 roadside assistance included with each reservation.

On-Campus Services

  1. International Student Centre (ISC)

The University of Windsor is dedicated to helping every student feel comfortable and secure. The International Students Center (ISC) offers a wide range student support and services. They help with new student arriving, offer student advice, hold student orientations and other extra-curricular activities. The ISC guides and supports international students from admission to graduation.

Location: On the second floor of Laurier Hall

Tel: (519) 253-3000 ext 3938


  1. Centre for English Language Development (CELD)

The University of Windsor’s Centre for English Language Development here helps you make the most of your English studies through intensive language learning, academic skill preparation and exciting social activities.

Address: 1880 Wyandotte Street West, Windsor, Ontario  N9B 1J3

Tel: (519) 253-3000 ext 3405


  1. Other University Services

Student Success Centre

Leddy Library

Cashier’s Office

Student Health Services

Campus Community Police

Student Groups

  1. International Student Society (ISS)

The International Student Society (ISS) acts as a unifying force for all international students on campus and serves as a medium of communication between the international students and the governing bodies of the University. All international students are automatically members of this society.

  1. Volunteer International Students Assistance (VISA)

This is a group of volunteers organize social events and help to make the International Students Orientation a great success every semester.

  1. Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Their goal is to help Chinese students and scholars to adjust their campus lives and adopt the new culture, as well as to promote Chinese cultural heritage and multicultural communications in Canada.

  1. University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA)

The UWSA represents all full-time undergraduate students of the University to put forward students' concerns, desires and needs.

Graduate Student Society (GSS)The Graduate Student Society (GSS) is the official representative organization of all graduate students at the University of Windsor.