Students from India

Life In Canada as an International UW Student

Each semester hundreds of students from countries across the globe arrive at the university to begin their journeys. Over 15000 students attend the University as of today with 12% of the students hailing from outside Canada.


The first concern for most students coming from India or Pakistan or Bangladesh is the weather. Yes, it is Canada. However, Windsor being the southernmost city gets cold only from the beginning of December to mid-March. The snow fall is very intermittent with maybe 3 to 5 major snow falls. The rest of the year ranges from a warm summer to a pleasant fall. The city is located south of the city of Detroit, USA and is separated by the Detroit River.


The second concern is food. Windsor is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada with a secure and welcoming community. There are a couple of Indian and Desi restaurants like Sweet ChilliBombay GrillJubba within walking distance from the university and several more in the city. The University’s cafeteria also serves a variety of food with the option of only Halal meat. With Windsor being one of most diverse cities in Canada, a variety of cuisines and restaurants are available just blocks away from the university like Saigon HouseBibim To GoThe Pita GrillEros, Mazaar (located on Campus) and many more.



Most grocery stores stock up on general Indian groceries and there are several Asian stores close to the university. For example, there is Giglios and Asian Bazaar just a couple of blocks away from the university engineering building. There is an Indian Store called Bhullars Asian Store Imports available too which is a little over 2kms from the university. Other grocery stores in Windsor are Wal-MartFRESHCOMetroSuperstoreFood Basics etc.. Also, the university has special free bus service on Tuesdays to take students to the Canadian Superstore which also offers 10% discount for students.

Clothes and Accessories:

Warm clothes, a good winter jacket and good shoes are key to getting through winter. All this and more can be bought at the Devonshire Mall, located at Howard AvenueThe Outlet mall is also a good place to get clothes and shoes at a discounted rate.


For Stationary items, you can either visit the campus bookstore or go to places like Staples. For household items, you could check out Canadian Tire. For medicines, healthcare products and other cosmetics you can drop by Shoppers which is conveniently located at multiple locations across Windsor.



Students usually get around the city using Windsor Transit Buses. These buses cover most routes and are as frequent as one every 15 minutes on weekdays. You can check the faresschedules and the interactive map by going to the official Windsor Transit website. Tickets are sold at various convenience stores like 7eleven and Shoppers.


It is very convenient to call the taxi when you are going out. Here are some main taxi companies’ number in Windsor:

Vets Cab: 519-256-2621

Canadian Checker Cab: 519-254-7777

Lasalle Taxi: 519-734-4444

Car Share:

The University also provides car share facility for students with license to rent a car for a few hours or a few days at a reduced rate.


Regarding stay, you can either stay on campus or off campus.

University Residence:

If you plan on living in one of the residences on campus, you can also choose a meal plan. There are several meal plans to choose from.


If you choose to stay off campus you can look for places to stay at and Places4Students. The average rent is about $340 to 400$ a month and usually includes all utilities. If you are interested in renting your own one BHK apartment the rent could be around 800$.


Health and Medical insurance are covered by your tuition fees. You will have to collect your insurance card once you arrive at the university. The on-campus physician’s office is available to all students by appointment. They provide confidential, student-centred health care, including comprehensive medical care, counselling and referrals.


Here is a list of various banks in Windsor to open your accounts:

  • WFCU: 2455 Wyandotte Street West (on-campus)
  • TD Bank: 2110 Wyandotte West
  • Bank of Montreal: 200 Ouellette Avenue
  • Scotiabank: 1570 Huron Church
  • CIBC: 100 Ouellette Avenue
  • RBC: 245 Ouellette Ave

On-Campus Services

  1. International Student Centre (ISC)

The University of Windsor is dedicated to helping every student feel comfortable and secure. The International Students Center (ISC) offers a wide range student support and services. They help with new student arriving, offer student advice, hold student orientations and other extra-curricular activities. The ISC guides and supports international students from admission to graduation.

Location: On the second floor of Laurier Hall

Tel: (519) 253-3000 ext 3938


  1. Centre for English Language Development (CELD)

The University of Windsor’s Centre for English Language Development here helps you make the most of your English studies through intensive language learning, academic skill preparation and exciting social activities.

Address: 1880 Wyandotte Street West, Windsor, Ontario  N9B 1J3

Tel: (519) 253-3000 ext 3405


  1. Other University Services

Student Success Centre

Leddy Library

Cashier’s Office

Student Health Services

Campus Community Police

Student Groups

  1. International Student Society (ISS)

The International Student Society (ISS) acts as a unifying force for all international students on campus and serves as a medium of communication between the international students and the governing bodies of the University. All international students are automatically members of this society.

  1. Volunteer International Students Assistance (VISA)

This is a group of volunteers organize social events and help to make the International Students Orientation a great success every semester.

  1. University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA)

The UWSA represents all full-time undergraduate students of the University to put forward students' concerns, desires and needs.

  1. Graduate Student Society (GSS)

The Graduate Student Society (GSS) is the official representative organization of all graduate students at the University of Windsor.