Accept your offer

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Step 1

Accept your offer of admission.


  • Log into your OUAC account at User name and password from when you first created your account will be required.
  • Click on the Choices/ Offers tab 
  • Accept your offer of admission from University of Windsor

Any questions can be addressed to Undergraduate Admissions Office: 


  • Log into your eGAS account and click on the "Accept" option
  • By making this selection you are agreeing to accept the University of Windsor's offer of admission and its terms and conditions
  • If you would like to Defer your offer to the next intake, click on the "Defer" option on eGAS.

Your request will be reviewed and, if applicable, a revised offer of admission will be sent to you.

Please note that all deferral requests may not be accepted.

Any questions can be addressed to Graduate Admissions Office: 


Step 2

  • Pay your deposit/ Tuition

In order to study in Canada as an International Student, Immigration Canada requires proof of financial support you have for yourself and your accompanying family members when you are in Canada.  If you want to deposit your tuition and fees with the University of Windsor to meet this requirement, you should:

  • Be informed of any Immigration Canada's requirements;
  • Choose one of the payment options provided to international students;

Once the University receives the money, it will be credited to your student account at the University.

  • Activate your student account using student number and personal access code (PAC) at UWinsite Student.
  • The International Student Centre provides many benefits to students through the soft landing program, multi-faith space, VISA, work permit assistance and social events.

Detailed information is available at

  • Our Residence Services offer many different housing and meal plan options. You need to apply in advance so you are encouraged to visit their website at www.uwindsor/ca/residence


Step 3

Register for courses online: once you have accepted your offer of admission, you will receive information to register for your courses online.

Detailed information is available at

It is important that you register for classes before arriving in Canada for best course selection.

The Academic Advising Centre will assist you with course registration and help you get ready for your classes at the University.