Accept your offer

University students chatting with each other

Step 1

Accept your offer by returning the completed confirmation form sent along with your Acceptance Response Form to the appropriate admissions office based on if your application was for an Undergraduate program or a Graduate program: 

Undergraduate Admissions Office: (for Undergraduate programs)
Graduate Admissions Office: (for Graduate programs)

Step 2

In order to study in Canada as an International Student, Immigration Canada requires proof of financial support you have for yourself and your accompanying family members when you are in Canada.  If you want to deposit your tuition and fees with the University of Windsor to meet this requirement, you should:

  1. Be informed of any Immigration Canada's requirements;
  2. Choose one of the payment options provided to international students;

Once the University receives the money, it will be credited to your student account at the University.

Step 3

Register for courses online: once you have accepted your offer of admission, you will receive information to register for your courses online. It is important that you register for classes before arriving in Canada for best course selection.
The Advising Centre will assist you with course registration and help you get ready for your classes at the University. If you have any questions, please contact them by email ( or phone (519) 253-3000 ext. 1414