An Affordable Education


A High Quality Education at an Affordable Cost

Studying at the University of Windsor is a rewarding investment for your career and future. It not only provides you with academic knowledge and hands-on experience, but also cross-cultural experiences, global perspectives and internationally-recognized degrees. 

The overall cost of studying in the University of Windsor depends on many factors, such as:


The length of the program, tuitions, fees and textbook requirements will vary depending on your program. The tuition costs will be determined by the number of courses you register for in each semester. For more information on a specific program, please use our Fee Estimator.


The cost of rent and food in Windsor is a lot lower than at other cities. Most international students prefer to live in one of our 6 university residences. The Univeristy provides internet, cable TV, electricity, water and furniture, in addition to your room. If you plan to live and eat on campus, check out the Residence and Food Services websites.


Students usually spend most of their money during September, the beginning of each academic year, on tuition, books/supplies, furniture, first and last months rent, and kitchenware, etc. To get a rough understanding of the cost of living in Windsor, please click here.

Student life isn’t all about studying. Whether you want to socialize with friends, travel to the other side of the country, or explore the many cultural events our cities have to offer, you’ll need to set aside some extra spending money.


International students are privy to many entrance and academic scholarships. For a full listing, please click here