Obtain Canadian Work Experience

Studying at the University of Windsor is not just lectures and exams. Most of our programs offer some type of experiential learning whereby you can gain valuable work experience to add to your resumé.
All students are also eligible to work up to 24 hours per week on-campus or off-campus and full-time after graduation.

Field Placements/Practicums
Most of our academic programs have practical experience built right in, and some offer field placements and practicums. These are unpaid placements at local agencies, companies, or research facilities.
VIP students participate in supervised situations at field sites, working with various non-profit or not-for-profit community agencies and government offices. They contribute at least 40 hours of volunteer work over a 10-week period to gain career-related,work experience.
Our co-op programs allow students to combine their academic studies with paid work experience.
Working on campus is a great opportunity for international students to prepare for their career, understand Canadian workplace cultures, obtain Canadian work experience, and provide a way to supplement your education expenses. The International Student Centre provides a list of places where job opportunities are offered to international students on campus. To view the list, please click here.
Canadian government allows international students who have graduated from a recognized Canadian academic institution to work in Canada for up to a maximum of three years. More information can be found at www.cic.gc.ca.