Security and usability are two forces always in conflict. Absolute security would mean zero usability. However, without security, your data would be compromised. The bottom line is that the level of security is determined by the value of the data to be protected

The gateway firewall is used to block unauthorized Internet traffic by inspecting all packets from the Internet. The packets being sent to allowable ports are inspected to ensure that they are valid. It is a security checkpoint on the data highway.
If you are installing new software that needs to be accessible from the Internet and as well, requires certain ports to be opened, please contact the HelpDesk by calling extension 4440 to ensure that accessibility to your software is not blocked. Also, it is important to note that Intranet traffic will NOT pass through the gateway firewall.
In order to protect yourself from having your PC become a victim of a virus attack, it is important that you keep both your operating system and virus protection software patched and up to date. Please visit the Virus Protection Web page for instructions.
Passwords should be changed on a regular basis. Experts suggest that they should be changed every 60 days. Some tips in the selection of passwords appear below.
Passwords should:
  • Be at least eight characters
  • Include a random mixture of numbers, letters and symbols
  • Be changed regularly
Passwords shouldn't:
  • Include names or proper words
  • Be all numbers or all letters
  • Ever be written down
  • Be shared with anyone
IT Security Reminder When Staff Changes Occur
Please refer to the document below for important information concerning security procedures when staff changes occur.