Pure Message Filtering


 PureMessage Filtering Mail to Main E-Mail Servers

The Spam Filter is available at spamq.uwindsor.ca
The University of Windsor uses the PureMessage system for filtering e-mail. The implementation of PureMessage was part of IT Services e-mail improvement project.
The default setting of the Spam filter quarantines mail on a quarantine server and sends a daily digest to show you the mail that is being held. It works like this - when your e-mail passes through the Spam filter server it is examined and given a score reflecting the probability that it is Spam. Based on the score the following actions are taken:
  • All mail that scores between 90%-100% will be deleted from University systems.
  •  All mail that scores between 50% - 90% will be quarantined. Every day at about 3:00 a.m. a digest will be sent to you from the PureMessage Administrator account that informs you of all e-mail that has been received and quarantined within the last 24 hours. If you are using the Notes client or an IMAP client (for example Outlook Express) it will be possible to release the message with one click. Instructions will follow on how to do this.
  • Mail that contains words on the "offensive words" list will be quarantined, even if they score less than 50%. The list that we use comes pre-configured from Sophos with several hundred words and phrases that are generally considered to be unacceptable in e-mail (corporate) communications.
  • Mail that contains attachments specified in the Suspect Attachment Names list. To secure the campus from e-mail worms and viruses, a number of attachments are not allowed to enter our system. The complete list of attachments is available by clicking here. If there is legitimate mail that you are unable to send because of these restrictions, IT Services suggests that the attachment be zipped.
  •  All other mail that scores less than 50% will be delivered to your mailbox.
If you are expecting a mail message that you do not receive, and it is not in your quarantine, please feel free to contact the Helpdesk (x-4440) and we will determine if that message has passed through our system. Based on our testing we do not expect that legitimate mail will be stopped, but we want you to feel comfortable that the mail is being delivered.
Below are some instructions to get you started on using the PureMessage Spam Filter application. If you have questions please contact the Helpdesk (x-4440).
For additional information you may also use the Client Service Portal.