Wireless Internet Access

Service Description

The Wireless Internet Access is a service offered by the University of Windsor that allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly from anywhere on campus, including all of the residences. Wireless technology today makes connecting to the Internet convenient and easy. Throughout the residence and campus buildings, there are a number of Wireless Access Points (or WAPs) which allow your computer to connect to the Internet through the use of a wireless adapter. Most laptops now come with wireless adapters, but don’t despair if you are working with a desktop computer. Many USB wireless adapters are available that allow you to literally just plug-in and play-away! To ensure a safe and secure wireless network for everyone, it is important that you read and comply with the Wireless Acceptable Use Guidelines outlined by IT Services.
Who Can Use This Service
Everyone with a UWin account can access the wireless network with a wireless ethernet adapter. Faculty or Staff may sponser an individual for a temporary UWin wireless account.

Getting Started with Wireless Web page.

Access and Availability
Wireless Wizard
The IT HelpDesk offers a wireless wizard service. This is a person who is dedicated to dealing with clients visiting the HelpDesk with wireless internet issues during designated times. Contact the HelpDesk for designated times.
The only cost is for purchasing the wireless ethernet adapter if you do not already have one. 
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