Plagiarism Detection (Turnitin)

Service Description

Turnitin has 3 features.  Originality Check, which assists instructors to check submitted work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a text database of submitted work and papers.  To this, the GradeMark and PeerMark functions are being added.  Instructors will be able to move between or overlay Originality Check, GradeMark and PeerMark reports quickly and easily.

GradeMark allows instructors to grade submitted work paperlessly.  On a submitted papers, the instructor can quickly drag standard and custom marks and comments directly on the paper, while being able to provide richer feedback.  PeerMark is a feature for peer review, which allows instructor to have students  evaluate and learn from each other’s work.  PeerMark can use standard or customized assessment questions, and papers are distributed online and are accessible anytime. 

To access Turnitin, you need an account to be created for you. You can submit your request by contacting the Helpdesk ( By phone: 253-3000 ext. 4440 ).

Once an account is created for you, you can start by going to
Getting Started:

Turnitin provides training resources available here: , as well as some basic walk-through webinars for new users or those that need a refresher, no pre-registration needed. Here's the schedule:

With this information, your instructors will have all they need to
get started using Turnitin.

Wizards and Manuals:

Once instructors create a user profile, they will be asked if they
want to use the instructor startup wizard. We recommend that all new
users use the wizard to setup their first class and assignment.


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Faculty, Staff and Students (In special circumstances)
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