Off Campus Connectivity Issues

IT Services is investigating an issue that affects all users who are accessing online University services from off-campus locations. The campus is experiencing brief, intermittent network outages during which all campus networked services (such as Blackboard, the University Web site, etc.) are unavailable to off-campus users. Among the affected users are those who are connecting from home or who are using their mobile data plans. Users who are connecting from on campus (using wired connections, or campus wireless connections), or who are connected using the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) service are not affected.

The outages last for a few minutes each and are occurring several times throughout day. IT Services is working closely with our networking vendors to isolate and correct the underlying issue and will update the campus community as they work to resolve the issue.

Further, if you wish to ensure secure, encrypted, and uninterrupted connections, which is particularly relevant when conducting high-stakes online assessments, please review the Knowledge Base article at on downloading and using a VPN, which is available for all users on campus.