Resolved: Problems connecting to WiFi Mar 29

Update Mar 29 9:10am: The problem has been corrected and wireless authentication is working normally.  Users who switched to the uwindsor wireless network are encouraged to switch back to uwinsecure or eduroam and to tell their devices to forget the uwindsor network.

Update Mar 29 8:45am: A workaround has been put in place to allow devices to connect to uwinsecure, eduroam and uwinreslife.

The University is experiencing system-wide problems connecting to wireless.  Devices are unable to connect to the uwinsecure, eduroam and uwinreslife wireless networks.

The uwindsor wireless network is still functioning correctly, so users may use that instead. 

The problem appears to lie with the authentication system.  We are investigating the problem and engaging with support to correct the issue.

Please note that the uwindsor network is not encrypted and is not recommended for long-term use.