Update: Network Problems May 04-09 due to Power Interruption

Update May 09 11:00am: IT Services is tracking down the last few issues remaining from the power outages.  Neale Education Building is still affected, with individual issues elsewhere on campus.

Network Problems due to Power Interruption

There was a brief power outage on campus at Friday May 04 1:20pm that has resulted in many systems failing. We are aware of the issue and are currently working to bring all systems back online.

Update May 08 10:00am: We have received additional reports of issues in Chrysler Tower, Essex Hall and Neale Education building and we are working to investigate and resolve those issues.

Update May 07 6:00pm: Normal wireless and wired network service has been restored to nearly everyone on campus.  There are a few network connection and telephone issues to be resolved in Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre and Laurier Hall.  A suggested fix for lingering issues is to try rebooting your devices.  This has corrected issues for some users.

Update May 07 12:00pm: Wireless service should now be working normally across campus.  There are still a few areas where the network is not operating normally, notably the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre.  IT Services are working diligently to fix these remaining problem areas.

Update May 07 8:15am: IT Services is still working to restore service in certain areas of campus. Affected areas include the gates in the Parking Garage and some Computer Science resources in Essex Hall.  There are also pockets of wireless service unavailable in Odette, Lambton Tower, Macdonald, Laurier and Cartier Halls.

Update May 04 9:30pm: Network service has been restored to all buildings, but there remain areas where the network or wireless networks are unavailable. These areas will be addressed on Monday when we can arrange to reach the affected equipment. There was a second power interruption at 6:45pm that took some systems offline again.

Update May 04 4:35pm: The following buildings currently do not have internet access Education, Essex Hall, Vanier, Cartier, MacDonald, Maintenance (Union Street) and the Houses on Sunset. IT is working to restore this service as soon as possible and an update will be posted once we have confirmed all is operational.

Update May 04 1:50pm: The network and wireless service in most buildings has come back online, however network service in Chrysler North, Leddy Library, Law are still down.  Other smaller areas may also still be affected.