Staff Recognition

The IT Services Department has established an Awards Program to provide a formal process for  acknowledging outstanding achievements by staff members of IT Services and other University units in support of the Department’s, and ultimately the University’s, mission and vision.  This program is intended to complement informal recognition and general appreciation of employee contributions to the University and the wider campus community in making the institution the best place to work and learn.  

This Program offers four award categories that focus on the importance of service, innovation, teamwork, leadership, collegiality and stakeholder engagement. 

Responsibility for administering this Program is held by the IT Services Awards Committee, which consists of representatives from various areas within the Department.  The Committee will accomplish this mandate of recognizing individuals and teams with outstanding IT related achievements through its defined nomination and selection process.   

For more information on this program, please refer to the IT Service Awards Guide.  This document provides an overview of the awards criteria as well as the nomination and selection process. 

It will be the intent of the IT Services Awards Committee to complete its identified process each year with award recipients to be honoured at a formal ceremony during the University’s Campus Technology Day. 

2015 Winners

IT Services Achievement Award
Paul Grzeszczak

IT Services Collegiality Award
Ryan Kenney

The Friend of IT Services Award

Paul Henshaw, Stephen Karamatos, Nicole Noel and Stephanie Parent
IT Services Bike to Work initiative.