Videoconferencing is an interactive tool that combines the use of video, computing, and communications technologies to allow people in different locations to meet virtually to conduct a class, participate in a conference, attend a meeting, or be part of an interview. Users see and hear each other in real time, allowing natural conversations not possible with voice-only communications technology.

Videoconferencing plays an important role in establishing and enriching the academic, community, and professional networks involved in the teaching, learning, research, and administrative mission of the University. It offers a level of interaction among distant individuals and groups that is often necessary, but not easily available through other media. The University provides technical and pedagogical support for room system videoconferencing.

The University has four classrooms and five boardrooms equipped with videoconferencing, as well as a video bridge which can accommodate 24 sites.

Booking a Videoconference

The following information will be needed to book a videoconference:

  • Date and time of meeting;
  • the name of the person or group requesting the conference (the client);
  • the room on campus to be scheduled (the “near” end – see available facilities);
  • the videoconference site to which to connect (the “far” end);
  • technical and booking contact at the "far" end;
  • if there are costs, to whom will the invoice be sent; and
  • special requests information such as AV equipment.

A videoconference can be booked online using the services request form. For assistance with booking a videoconference, contact the CTL’s Media Coordinator at ext. 3044, or email