Releasing a Message from Quarantine Through the Digest

On a daily basis you will receive a Digest from the PureMessage Admin which contains information on e-mail messages that have been quarantined during the past 24 hours. The Digest will look like the figure below. If you are using the Notes client or an IMAP client (Outlook Express, for example) and would like to release any of the messages, simply click on the ID link next to the message and send this message back to the quarantine server. It will promptly release the message to your mailbox. If you are using a Web interface (Domino Web Access or WebMail) to read your mail, this feature is not available.

To release all messages listed in a Digest, Reply with History to the message. This will ensure that all the IDs of the messages you want are included in your reply.

To request that a message be released from the quarantine and delivered to you, do the following: if you are using an e-mail client such as Lotus Notes or Outlook Express, click on the message's ID and send the request. To release all messages in the list, you can simply reply with history to this message. If you are using a webmail interface, log into the spam filter server at and login using your userid and UWin password. Release your message through the Blocked Message screen.

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