Phishing Email

There have been an increased number of phishing emails sent out on campus. Please make sure that if you receive emails that look suspicious with links or attachments, do not open them and delete the email; contacting IT about an email you are unsure of is also a good option. 


Firewall maintenance May 11 5:30-7:30am

IT Services will be performing firewall updates and testing Friday, May 11 from 5:30 to 7:30am. During this time, some services such as Blackboard, GoPrint, Food Services will be offline. Additional services affected include VPNs and VoIP-phones.

The testing may additionally result in secure websites not working correctly intermittently until 7:00am.

If you experience any network problems after 8:00am, please contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 4440.


Update: Network Problems May 04-09 due to Power Interruption

Update May 09 11:00am: IT Services is tracking down the last few issues remaining from the power outages.  Neale Education Building is still affected, with individual issues elsewhere on campus.

Network Problems due to Power Interruption

There was a brief power outage on campus at Friday May 04 1:20pm that has resulted in many systems failing. We are aware of the issue and are currently working to bring all systems back online.


Resolved: Login problems May 03 (ERP, UWinGmail, etc.)

Update May 10 10:00am: The login problems have been resolved and all affected services should be be functioning normally.

Update May 03 8:55am: The problem is also affecting ERP Finance and other services that use single sign-on.

There is a current problem with UWinGmail.  Students cannot log in to UWinGmail via the web.


Resolved: Novell Alpha Server is presently down

Update Apr 26 5:38pm: The system drive has been brought back online and the server is now accepting new connections.

Good afternoon;

We experienced a system drive failure on our Alpha Novell Server last week.  The replacement drive was received today and after its installation, both of the system drives fell off line.

All the current sessions to the server remains active, but new Novell sessions will be unable to access the Alpha drives.


Resolved: Problems connecting to WiFi Mar 29

Update Mar 29 9:10am: The problem has been corrected and wireless authentication is working normally.  Users who switched to the uwindsor wireless network are encouraged to switch back to uwinsecure or eduroam and to tell their devices to forget the uwindsor network.

Update Mar 29 8:45am: A workaround has been put in place to allow devices to connect to uwinsecure, eduroam and uwinreslife.


Off Campus Connectivity Issues

IT Services is investigating an issue that affects all users who are accessing online University services from off-campus locations. The campus is experiencing brief, intermittent network outages during which all campus networked services (such as Blackboard, the University Web site, etc.) are unavailable to off-campus users. Among the affected users are those who are connecting from home or who are using their mobile data plans.