Resolved: Internet issues March 01

Update Mar 02 8:30am: The fibre break was repaired this morning just before 6:00am.  Traffic is being re-balanced across all providers and should be operating normally.


The University is currently experiencing problems with certain sites on the Internet.  We suspect this is caused by a problem with one of our upstream Internet providers.  We are investigating the issue and engaging with our ISPs.

Symptoms are that certain websites and applications will not work or may be very slow to complete operations, while others work just fne.



Important Safety Recall Notice - ThinkPad X1 Carbon Laptops

Lenovo announced in February 2018, that they are voluntarily recalling ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Generation laptops manufactured between December 2016 and October 2017.  Lenovo has determined that a limited number of such laptops may have an unfastened screw that could damage the laptop’s battery causing overheating, potentially posing a fire hazard.  Laptops manufactured on or after November 1, 2017 are not affected.


Updated: Old email messages received unexpectedly Feb 07-08

Update Feb 12 8:00am: Our team have successfully intituted a work-around on our e-mail appliances that will help in resolving the issues until a long-term solution can be provided by our vendor.

Update Feb 09 4:00pm: Our team is in the process of instituting some interim measures to further protect our e-mail appliances and avoid potential re-occurrence of this issue.


RESOLVED: Novell server ZETA drives unavailable Feb 08

Update Feb 08 1:00 PM: 

As of 1pm the ZETA server is now running normally. Anyone still experiencing issues should log out and log back into Novell. If after logging in, you still experience any trouble, please contact the IT Service Desk at 519-253-3000 x4440 for assistance


Update Feb 08 10:30am: Drives on ZETA are still not available. We have engaged with support to try to diagnose and resolve the issue.


The Novell server ZETA's drives (e.g. J:, K: , etc) are unavailable due to a file system problem Thursday February 08 at 8:00am.


RESOLVED: Inbound email delays February 07

Email sent inbound to the University appear to be delayed the afternoon of Wednesday February 07 starting at around 4:30pm.  Messages are being queued on the anti-spam servers instead of being procesed for delivery. We have engaged with our vendor to determine the cause and resolve the issue.

We will provide updates as information becomes available.

Update from Feb 07 09:10pm: the queued mail is being processed and the delay on delivery of recent inbound email is an average 7 minutes. 


Resolved: mySuccess unavailable

Update: Jan 24 8:40am  mySuccess is now working normally.

mySuccess went down in the late evening of January 23.  Users who browse to would get an error 503 Service Unavailable message.  Those who tried to log in from the myUWindsor portal would be asked to authenticate, then would receive a blank page as the browser failed to load the page.

mySuccess is cloud service.  We have reached out to the vendor and hope to have the service restored shortly.