2 - UWinGmail Account Active

Your UWinGmail account is now active. 

You can log into your UWinGmail account at:


From this point forward, all new e-mail will be delivered to your UWinGmail mailbox.  Please do not use your webmail1 account to send e-mail.

You are at Step 2 of the 3 step migration process.

  1. We are now migrating your folders and saved messages from your webmail1 account to UWinGmail.  We expect this should take less than one day.
  2. You can now configure your smartphones and e-mail clients to use UWinGmail.  For assistance, please see:


  1. Once this is complete, we will send you another message, “Email Migration to UWinGmail Complete” with further instructions.


What is the status of my UWinGmail migration?

You can check the Migration Status Report for your migration process at:


A complete description of the migration process is available at: