What is the UWin Account Used For?

A UWin Account is required of everyone associated with the University of Windsor who plans on using on-line administrative programs and computing services.

The UWin Account is used for authentication for the following services:

  • Portal
  • Student Webmail
  • ARC1 - the Academic and Research Unix Computer
  • Dial-in system
  • Wireless Network
  • Public wired network
  • Software Depot
  • Firewall
  • Spam Filter Application (PureMessage Filter)
  • Domino (iNotes password)
  • Access to the Leddy Library PC Labs
  • Access to the Expert List/ Campus Directory
  • Access to Computer Systems in Computer Science and Engineering

Your UWin account verifies who you are when you use University on-line services. Such verification ensures the privacy of your personal information and restricts the use of resources to those for whom they were intended. To make access to such services more secure and consistent, the University of Windsor is consolidating the identifications you need to just one: the UWin Account.

Your UWin account consists of two components. One is the userid, which is the same for all systems on campus.The other is the password. In the past, different systems use different passwords (unless you set them to be the same). With the UWin account, all systems that use this account will use the same password. When you change your UWin account password, it will be reflected on all systems. One item you should be aware of is that the change of the password is immediate on some systems but may take up to 30 minutes to propagate to other systems. The tables below explain the time it takes password changes to propagate through the systems.

All individuals who use a UWinID are expected to follow the University's Acceptable Use Policy.