Communication Procedure

Account Information and Renewal Communication Procedure

Because of the dramatic increase in the number of phishing attempts, IT Services is clarifying how we communicate with our clients regarding renewal of accounts that are about to expire and related matters.

It has always been our policy not to ask our users to e-mail us their account information, particularly their password. We continue to stringently abide by this policy and recommend that clients never respond to an email asking for a password.

However, we periodically send e-mails to our users asking them to renew their UWin ID by opening a link included in the message, and logging in with their UWin ID and password. These e-mails are always sent from and the link included in them always points to the address /uwinid.

Note: We ask our users to take extra precaution before clicking the link included in the e-mail message, as it may be forged and take you to a completely different site than it advertises.

Options include:

  • If you hover your cursor above the link without clicking it, you can see on the bottom of your browser the URL to which the link is actually pointing. If you notice that these two do not match, do not click the link. If you did click the link and then noticed that you were re-directed to a different site than the link was advertising, do not proceed any further and close your browser window.
  • You could type in the url /uwinid in your browser address field and be assured that you will be directed to the correct University of Windsor web page.