Eduroam comes to the University of Windsor

Eduroam is a collaborative network that provides students, faculty and staff (anyone with an active UWin ID) roaming wireless Internet connectivity when visiting Eduroam-enabled institutions. Users authenticate with their UWin ID and password. So students, faculty and staff from the University of Windsor who visit the campus of the University of Waterloo (another Eduroam-enabled institution) will be able to connect to Waterloo’s wireless network using their UWindsor email address and password, eliminating the time, expense and inconvenience of obtaining a guest account. This will also allow your guests from participating institutions the ability to connect to our network.

Eduroam has participating institutions on every continent minus Antartica, with over 40 campuses in Ontario alone.

For more information, including obtaining a list of participating institutions, please visit

How do I get set up?

Laptop or Wireless devices need to be configured for wireless access. For information regarding how to configure your laptop please visit the '(secure)' options listed under the "Access UWin Wireless" link above in the side panel. If you require further assistance please contact the Service Desk at telephone extension 4440 or go to the client service portal at

How do I log in?

When prompted to authenticate, enter your UWindsor email and password when visiting participating campuses.

Are there any restrictions?

Restrictions are at the discretion of each institution. There is no guarantee that Eduroam will provide you the same access to resources as other networks, and you must refer to the acceptable use policies.

At a minimum, Eduroam provides you basic network connectivity for web browsing (HTTP/HTTPS), secure shell (SSH), and VPN.

Who can use this service?

Anyone with an active UWin ID (Faculty, Staff, Students, Retirees and active Guest accounts), and anyone with an active "EDUROAM" account with a participating institution.