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Resolved: Email Delivery Delay

The University is currently experiencing a delay with email delivery. We are aware of the issue and administrators are working towards a resolution. 

Spam Alert: Blackboard Access

IT Services and the LMS team have become aware of an email circulating to the UWIndsor community members warning them that their Blackboard access has expired and to login to renew their access. Please note that this email is spam and should be deleted.

If you have clicked on the link and provided your information, please reset your password or (if you experience issues with the self service link) submit a service request for IT Services to reset your passsword.

Resolved: UWinsite - Intermittent slowdown

In response to some intermittent slowness on the UWinsite Student Servers. IT Services is restarting 2 of the 6 application servers. Approximately 15 students may need to re-login to the server as a result of the reboot. Apologies for any issues related to this activity.

Issue resolved.

Resolved: Armouries Building partial network outage

Update Feb 6 7:00pm: IT Services staff resolved the problem.

Update Feb 6 6:30pm: IT Services staff are still working to resolve the problem.

Update Feb 6 4:30pm: IT Services has determined that the problem is only affecting part of the Armouries building. Staff has been dispatched to the building to resolve the issue.

At about 3:52pm Wednesday February 6 the downtown campus buildings Armouries and Wildeman Centre for the Arts became disconnected from the network. IT Services are investigating the problem.

All network services in the building, including wired and wireless are affected.

Resolved: Network Outage in Engineering

Update Jan 30 07:45am: IT Services has restored connectivity to the Engineering network. All access and services should be operating normally. If you experience problems, please contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 4440.

Update Jan 29 10:00pm: IT Services has isolated the network outage to the Engineering network. ITS staff will be on site early Jan 30 to continue diagnosis. Buildings still affected include CEI, Essex Hall, CARE and SRIF. Connectivity has been restored to all other buildings and services.

IT Services is currently addressing a network outage affecting a few University of Windsor buildings and the UWindsor Onecard system. IT Services is actively working to resolve the issue.

University Website Unavailable

The University of Windsor website was unavailable from 11:45am to 12:30pm. The issue has now been resolved.