Faculty Members

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Research Area(s)
Andrews, David             Biomechanics of Injury, Human Factors, Human Anatomy, Occupational Biomechanics dandrews@uwindsor.ca
Azar, Nadia Biomechanics, Neuromuscular Physiology, Pain Pathways azar5@uwindsor.ca
Boucher, Robert    Professor Emeritus bouche4@uwindsor.ca
Chandler, Krista Sport/Exercise Psychology chandler@uwindsor.ca
Cort, Joel Biomechanics/Ergonomics cortj@uwindsor.ca
Dixon, Jess Sport Management jdixon@uwindsor.ca
Duquette, Adriana Laboratory Coordinator duquette@uwindsor.ca
Greenham, Craig Assistant Professor greenham@uwindsor.ca
Holman, Marge Sport and the Law, Sport Ethics, Sport Management holman@uwindsor.ca
Horton, Sean                   Life Span Development hortons@uwindsor.ca
Kenno, Kenji Applied Human Performancee kenno@uwindsor.ca
Khan, Michael Motor Control & Learning makhan@uwindsor.ca
Krause, Matthew Musculoskeletal Physiology mpkrause@uwindsor.ca
Loughead, Todd         Sport and Exercise Psychology loughead@uwindsor.ca
Marino, Wayne Sport Biomechanics with an Emphasis on Ice-Skating and Hockey Skills wmarino@uwindsor.ca
Martyn, Scott Sport History, Olympic Sport History, Sport Management smartyn@uwindsor.ca
McGowan, Cheri                   Exercise Physiology, Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease and Exercise Rehabilitation mcgowanc@uwindsor.ca
McNevin, Nancy                         Motor Behaviour nmcnevin@uwindsor.ca
Metcalfe, Alan Professor Emeritus metcal3@uwindsor.ca
Millar, Patti Sports Management Patti.Millar@uwindsor.ca
Milne, Kevin Applied Human Performance kjmilne@uwindsor.ca
Milne, Marcia Sport Psychology mmilne7@uwindsor.ca
Moriarty, Richard             Professor Emeritus dickm@uwindsor.ca
Paraschak, Vicky                      Aboriginal sport, Sociology of Sport, Sport and Government, Sport Management parasch@uwindsor.ca
Martindale, Tiffany Undergraduate Coordinator, Department of Kinesiology tmdale@uwindsor.ca
Salter, Mike                 Professor Emeritus msalter@uwindsor.ca
Snelgrove, Ryan Ethical issues in youth sport; Sport spectatorship; Sport and community. ryansnel@uwindsor.ca
Sutherland, Chad Applied Learning, Coordinator, Co-op Program, Lab Courses, Internships chads@uwindsor.ca
Taks, Marijke Sport Consumer Behaviour; Socio-Economic Aspects of Sport and Leisure mtaks@uwindsor.ca
van Wyk, Paula Motor Behaviour pvanwyk@uwindsor.ca
Weir, Patricia Aging and Movement Performance, and Aging and Expertise weir1@uwindsor.ca
Woodruff, Sarah Health & Wellness of Canadians, Body Weight Management, Nutrition and Physical Activity Patterns woodruff@uwindsor.ca