Transferring to Kinesiology

Each year we receive a number of transfer applications from students who are registered in other departments at the University of Windsor, as well as students from other Canadian and international universities and colleges.

The Kinesiology program at the University of Windsor is a limited enrollment program. Once we are at capacity, taking the top 200 high school students, we typically have very few openings in the program for transfer students, thus making the process highly competitive. Recognizing the need to provide opportunities for qualified students who are beyond high school, the following transfer policy has been approved by the Kinesiology Department Council.

Transfer Application Review Procedure:

  • For those students transferring from other faculties at the University of Windsor, a record of the University of Windsor and Grade 12 grades will be reviewed. Normally, only students with cumulative university averages of at least 70% on a minimum of 10 university courses will be considered. 
  • For those students transferring from other post-secondary institutions, a record of post-secondary and secondary school grades will be reviewed. Normally, only students with cumulative post-secondary averages that are at least the equivalent of 70% on a minimum of 10 post-secondary courses will be considered.
  • Review of previous student status (full-time/part-time), previous course content, previous course level, and previous career experience may be considered in some cases where relevant. References are not required, should not be submitted, and will not be used in the evaluation process.

Courses in Preparation for Transfer:

We do not presume to advise students in other universities, departments or faculties regarding courses they should take in preparation for transferring to Kinesiology. You should be very concerned that you are meeting the degree requirements in your current program. However, we understand that having information about our Kinesiology program may allow you to make some course selections that will satisfy both your current degree and our degree.

Kinesiology Core Program Requirements (Years 1 & 2)

  • 14 required Kinesiology courses
    • these are open to Kinesiology majors only
    • However, 07-95-103 is the Introduction to Kinesiology course and is open to non-Human Kinetic majors. If your current program permits you to take an option you might consider this course.
  •  6 elective courses (these may be any level, from any non-kinesiology department) 
    • The equivalent of 70% average in 12U Biology and 12U English is required for admission to Kinesiology. If you do not have a 70% in  12U Biology you should consider taking 55-100 or 55-101. If you do not have a 70% in 12U English, you should consider taking a 100 level English or Writing course.
    • Students who have experience in math and science courses tend to transition easier into our first-year science-based required core courses, than those who have a weak science/math background. 

Application Process: 

Applications are due at the Registrar’s Office at the University of Windsor on or before May 15 for admission to the next Fall semester. All applications will be evaluated at that time and decisions will be forwarded to the Registrar by June 30. Students will be notified of the decision via email. Applications are typically evaluated once each year following the completion of the Winter semester. 

1) Students from other programs at the University of Windsor:

Application forms for transfer (Change of Program) are available on UWinsite Student.

2) Students from other institutions:

Applications will be through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC)