Moving to LAPS from Another Program

If you are a UWindsor student who has decided to transfer into Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, you must follow the degree requirements in the 2017-18 or later academic calendar.

If you are a UWindsor student who elects to transfer into Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, the Tabula Rasa policy applies to you. The purpose of this policy is to give you a second chance to graduate by removing all failing grades (<50%) from the calculation of your GPA.

If you were a LAPS major prior to July 1, 2017, you may find it advantageous to move to the 2017-18 degree requirements.

Contact your academic advisor, Dr. Anne Forrest, to see if transferring to LAPS works for you.

Tabula Rasa Policy for Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Tabula rasa is Latin for “blank slate.” It is granted to all University of Windsor students who transfer into the FAHSS Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LAPS) program from another University of Windsor program.

When tabula rasa is granted, all courses taken remain on the student’s transcript; however, grades below 50% received prior to the granting of Tabula Rasa are removed from the calculation of the student’s cumulative average. This allows LAPS majors to retain credit for the courses they have passed while leaving behind the baggage of unsatisfactory work. Students are not eligible to receive tabula rasa more than once.

Students granted tabula rasa are not eligible for re-admission to their original program.

Students granted tabula rasa who subsequently transfer out of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies are subject to the usual rules for calculating averages in their new program, including the counting of all grades below 50% in the new average calculations.

Students granted tabula rasa are expected to enroll in 01-01-220 - Investigating the Contemporary World if this is recommended by their academic advisor.

Please see the official Senate Policy on Tabula Rasa (PDF file).

If you have questions about how this policy affects you, please contact us: