Elder in Residence

Elder in Residence

Windsor Law is pleased to welcome Myrna Kicknosway as our Elder in Residence.

What is an Elder in Residence?

An Elder in Residence is an Indigenous person who adopts the role of surrogate grandmother or grandfather and is available on campus to counsel students, faculty and staff for mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health needs from a holistic Indigenous perspective.

Elders have a great deal of life experiences and immense knowledge with specific expertise in the Indigenous Culture and traditions that they are eager to share with younger generations.

What is the Elder's role?

  • Facilitate Sharing Circles, where participants are given a safe space to discuss issues they are experiencing in a positive and supportive group setting
  • Provide personal consultation, conversation, guidance and mentorship
  • Provide cultural and spiritual support through one-on-one guidance sessions
  • Share knowledge and expertise in different areas through cultural teachings
  • Offer access to medicines and smudge

How do Elder in Residence services benefit Windsor Law students?

The Elder in Residence offers alternative wellness counselling to law faculty and students on campus. They provide one-on-one guidance sessions to assist with mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health needs from a holistic Indigenous perspective. The Elder helps students maintain life balance while they are in law school and allow students to remain connected to their Indigenous identity or to become connected. The Elder is available to offer understanding and knowledge on Indigenous issues, lifestyles, and perspectives which will assist in realizing the importance of the implementation of The Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action #28 and the return to Indigenous legal tradition and practice.  Participants will have access to a compassionate and secure outlet to discuss personal issues.

How to book an appointment with the Elder?

If you would like to book an appointment to speak with the Elder in Residence, privately or in a Sharing Circle about any issues, or concerns you may be having, or for understanding on Indigenous Culture and perspective, please contact Michelle Nahdee, Coordinator of Indigenous Legal Studies at ext. 2983 or by emailing michelle.nahdee@uwindsor.ca