Transnational Environmental Law and Policy Clinic

Duration: 1 term, renewable
Credits: 3 per term
Evaluation: Pass/Fail
Pre-Requisite:  Environmental Law or International Environmental Law and a course relating to Indigenous law
Number of Students: 6-8

The Transnational Environmental Law and Policy Clinic (TELP) is a joint program between University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and environmental law clinics in Faculties of Law in Michigan, US. The TELP aims to engage law students in both sides of the US-Canada border in projects related to environmental challenges that have a transnational perspective. That includes transboundary environmental problems around the Great Lakes, such as air pollution, freshwater contamination, invasive species, as well as environmental challenges that are subject to multi-level regulation in Canada and the United States (at municipal, provincial/state and national levels; public and private regulation). The Clinic has adopted an expanded definition of environmental law to include projects that touch on Indigenous law, food law, energy law and all issues related to sustainability. 

Students enrolled in the TELP will be expected to attend weekly meetings, undertake legal and policy research on environmental issues, and assist in the operation and development of the clinic. Students may be asked to undertake public interest litigation with the objective to advance environmental objectives, working with law firms or environmental organizations that have in-house legal counsel. Or they will work on comments and research memos related to environmental law and policy projects. Evaluation is pass or fail, based on an individual deliverable relating to a clinical project that will be determined during the first weeks of the course.  When resources and capacity allow, the clinic hires Summer Students.  Applications should be include a transcript, résumé and cover letter.  Cover letter should detail the goals and reasons for pursuing the experience at the TELP clinic, and highlight the student’s skills, knowledge and experience that will contribute to clinical project.

Applications should be emailed to Patrícia Galvão.