Smit an invited speaker at restitution and peace conference in Bogota

Anneke Smit at Colombian Conference in Bogota Anneke Smit at Colombian Conference in Bogota

On 16-17 June, Dr. Anneke Smit participated as an invited speaker in the conference “Restitution of Land and Territorial Rights in the Context of the Transition to Peace” at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota.  Dr. Smit presented her research on the legal and social position of secondary occupiers of land and housing during processes of post-conflict land restitution.  She reflected on possible lessons for Colombia’s nascent restitution process. 

The conference was organized by the project entitled ‘Integrating Do No Harm and Transitional Justice Approaches in the Land Restitution Process’, which is the product of an alliance between the Programme of University Initiatives for Peace and Coexistence (PIUPC in Spanish) of the Department of Social Work, National University of Colombia, the Swiss Development and Co-operation Agency (Cosude), the Special Administrative Unit for Managing the Restitution of Dispossessed Lands (UAEGRTD) and the Centre for Studies of Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia).