Apply to the Dual Program

Applying to the Dual JD Program

The objective of the admissions policy is to select those students who will excel in the course of study and have the potential to contribute creatively to the law schools, the community and the profession.  Enrollment will be approximately 85 incoming students in August 2014. 


Admissions Criteria

The Program Admissions Committee uses the following criteria to assess applicants:

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) and University Program
  2. Work Experience
  3. Community Involvement
  4. Personal Accomplishments
  5. Career Objectives
  6. Personal Considerations
  7. Law School Admissions Test Score  (LSAT)

 Greater weight is on the applicant's GPA and LSAT score.

Undergraduate Requirement

The American Bar Association (ABA) stipulates that an applicant must successfully complete his/her four-year undergraduate degree no later than the beginning of August in the year of entry into the Dual JD program.


At this time current law students cannot transfer into the Dual JD Program due to its comparative and integrative format.