Course Descriptions

Aboriginal Law

Course Description

This course will examine Aboriginal law from a variety of legal and philosophical perspectives.  The course reviews how the law has impacted Aboriginal peoples within Canada from contract to current date. 

The course will include topics such as the Royal Proclamation, Peace and Friendship Treaties, Numbered Treaties, Constitution of Canada, Indian Act, Aboriginal Rights, Aboriginal Title, Self-government, Taxation, Child Welfare, Residential School Legacy, Aboriginal Women, Land Claims, Criminal Justice System and Matrimonial Property and the United Nations Declaration on Aboriginal Peoples.

Reconciliation and the Residential School Legacy

Course Description

The course focuses on the Residential School Legacy providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the Federal Indian Education policy and other federal government responses that led to the signing of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement in 2005.  The course will also explore the impacts the residential school system had upon survivors and their intergenerational family members then move onto an examination of the healing movement that emerged across Canada in the 1980s.  To conclude the course the class will look at reconciliation and efforts to move the Residential School Legacy forward.

Indigenous Legal Traditions

Course Description 

This seminar course will examine the developing area of Indigenous Legal Traditions in Canada, and the goal of Aboriginal people to identify solutions to the enduring challenges inflicted upon them by the implementation of colonial rule, policies and goals over centuries of interaction with European nations.  The course also involves field trips to learn from the land.

The course will examine the historic evolution of the relationship between Aboriginal people and the Euro-Canadian state. Additionally, it will look at the application of colonial law and policy and how it gave little respect for the existence of Canadian Aboriginal people and their legal traditions.   The course will examine the contemporary view of Canadian Aboriginal people to re-assert and implement their legal traditions within their own communities focusing upon the traditions and processes unique to the Canadian Indigenous experience that flow from the original instructions given to Indigenous people by the Creator prior to European contact.