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CBC This Morning Interviewed our Future Professor of Robotics and the Law

Kristen Thomasen Kristen Thomasen

When she joins our Windsor Law faculty as Assistant Professor of Law, Robotics and Society, Kristen Thomasen's work will focus on the high-tech problems of the not-too-distant future — specifically drones and robots.

Kristen was interviewed this morning on CBC Radio's Windsor This Morning about the legal implications of robots. Read the article and listen to the interview here.


International Client Consultation CompetitionInternational Client Consultation Competition

Windsor Law welcomes the International Client Consultation Competition.

Cerone Lecture on the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Professor John Cerone had two engagements this week with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.  On Monday afternoon he lectured at Harvard on IHL frameworks for senior humanitarian professionals in the context of HHI's Humanitarian Leadership Course. Yesterday, the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard launched a podcast on the Politics of Aid in Ukraine.  

Listen to the podcast here.

Professor Cerone's segment begins at minute 26, and covers International Law and Humanitarian Access & Protection.

Windsor Law Hosts ICC Moot

The Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition

Teams from nineteen countries will be coming to the University of Windsor Faculty of Law to take part in the 2016 Competition from April 27 - 30. Last year, the Windsor Law team won the National competition and went on to compete for the International Competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. The subject area for this year's competition will be matrimonial issues.


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