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Windsor Law professors make submissions to UN

A group of Windsor Law Professors have written submissions about five critical areas of human rights and civil liberties concerns, for the forthcoming 2018 Universal Periodic Review  (UPR) of Canada. The UPR process, which began after 2007, is a process of the UN Human Rights Council that uniquely allows all 193 UN Member States to engage in a ‘peer-review process’:  States raise concerns and identify challenges regarding human rights practice and protections in each country.  The country under review has an opportunity to hear all the concerns raised, and respond regarding its challenges,

Every little bit helps: Law students and faculty do their part to assist sustainable development

With the semester now in full swing, students and faculty are doing their part to shed some light on sustainability.

Environmental law professor, Patrícia Galvão Ferreira, kicked off Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Awareness Week with a discussion panel on Climate Change and Energy Conservation.

Her lecture, The Paris Climate Agreement and the Global Move Towards Renewable Energy educated the university community about the importance of replacing fossil fuel generated energy by renewables in order to address climate change.

Pro Bono students making an impact and headlines

The Windsor Law Pro Bono Students Chapter has 113 volunteers this year! They are currently working on 39 projects in the community that are not only making an impact on the community, but are also making headlines in local media.

Last week they launched their annual “Only Yes Means Yes” sexual consent workshop series to educate University of Windsor students. The full story is available on the CTV website.

No objections to this proposal

Windsor Law students know that staff and faculty at the law school are always here to help; even when that involves orchestrating an elaborate engagement proposal from across the country.

It was, therefore, no surprise that Career Services Coordinator, Anna DeCia Gualteri was delighted to help when Windsor Law alum and Vancouver based lawyer, Sameer Kamboj (‘14) reached out to her for help with his plans to propose to his law school sweetheart, Cynthia Lam (‘14).