Awards for Law Students with Financial Need

Numerous awards are available to law student who can demonstrate financial need, volunteerism, leadership potential, sports, Lancer varsity athletics involvement or contributions to the faculty of law/university/community at large.  These awards have been grouped together under one application. Apply online through UWinsite Student.

The list of awards under this category is as follows:

Class of 1982 Leadership Award
Class of 1989 Bursary
Class of 2000 and 2001 Entrance Bursary
Cory Family Award
Philip J. Courey Sr. Annual Bursaries
R. Lawrence DeShield Entrance Scholarship in Law
Faculty of Law, Canadian & Americlan Dual JD Program Awards
Justice Harry Momoriuk Bursary
Ron W. Ianni Entrance Scholarship in Law
Law Foundation of Ontario/Law Alumni Access to a Legal Education Bursary
Law School Alumni Annual Bursaries
Laura Louise Legge, Q.C. Memorial Bursary
Malo Family Awards
Rae Marcus Scholarship
McTague Law Firm LLP Entrance Scholarship
Miller Thomson LLP National Entrance Scholarship
Miller Thomson LLP Bursary
Gary D. Peacock Memorial Scholarship
Harold John Ross Memorial Entrance Bursary
Seymour Howard Schott Memorial Bursary
Saul Pazner & Nathan Chieifetz Scholarship
Stitt Feld Handy Group Award in Access to Justice
University of Windsor In-Course Bursary - Fall & Winter
Dorothy Waddicory Memorial Scholarship
Michael A. Wadsworth, Q.C. Memorial Scholarship
Ben Yuffy Memorial Scholarship