Our Final Research Report

Supported by grants from the Law Foundation of Ontario, the Law Foundation of Ontario, and the Law Foundation of British Columbia / Legal Services Society of Brish Columbia, this report forms the foundation of our work with self-represented litigants.

Opening the Dialogue: Event Report

Opening the Dialogue, an event held in May 2013 at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law, was a conceived as an opportunity for self-represented litigants in family and civil court to directly describe their experiences to justice system actors to address embedded assumptions about their motivations and imact on the justice system.

Coping with the Courtroom

Essential Information and Tips for SRLs. this document is a primer on appearing in court and has been developed directly from what we have learned from SRLs, responding to what they told us they need. This includes a section on self-care tips, a section on preparing for court, a section on appearing in court, and a collection of top ten practical tips from SRLs on "what works".

What Court Staff Told Us

A summary from the National Self-Represented Litigants Study (See: Final Research Report) of how court staff described their experiences with SRLs and the challenges they presented for their work.