Welcome to the Peer Mentorship Program

Since 2010, the Peer Mentorship Program has been helping ease the transition into 1L by matching first-year students with upper-year mentors who share similar academic and social interests. The program is administered through the Student Services Office under the direction of Francine Herlehy, Assistant Dean (Student Services) and Professor Donna-Marie Eansor, Faculty Advisor.

Brandon Track, Law III, will act as Student Coordinator for the program for the 2017-2018 academic year. Building on the many successes of previous leaders, including Jacqueline Goslett, Armin Sethi, Soni Bal, Fariya Walji, Marla Rosenblatt-Worth, Jenna Ward, and Francesca D'Aquila-Kelly, Brandon will play a key role in the administration and development of this program. Through his experience in working as a litigator and group leader at Community Legal Aid, as well as part of the law school liaison group for the undergraduate Pre-Law Society at the University of Windsor, Brandon has gained insight into the many facets of mentorship. Brandon is a strong proponent of the mentorship program at Windsor Law and believes that there are invaluable benefits to both mentors and mentees who engage in formal and informal mentorship.
Brandon hopes to hear from, and connect with, all students and invites you to email him at trackb@uwindsor.ca or lawpeermentor@uwindsor.ca.