Myra Tawfik

Prof Tawfik and LTEC Lab Scholar-in-Residence contribute to Globe and Mail

Windsor Law professor Myra Tawfik (left) along with LTEC Lab scholar-in-residence Karima Bawa wrote an opinion piece for the Globe and Mail regarding the arms race of innovation and intellectual property being critical to Canadian efforts.

The authors note that we are witnessing a surge of new technologies and an aggressive pursuit for global dominance through IP ownership. In an economic race to the top, if Canada donesn't step up our IP game we risk being left behind.

Tawfik addresses Senate Liberal Open Caucus Meeting

Myra TawfikMyra Tawfik

On March 1, Professor Myra Tawfik was invited by Senator Art Eggleton to address a Senate Liberal Open Caucus meeting in Ottawa. The subject of the session was “Countering Counterfeits” and Professor Tawfik spoke about the difficulties Canadian innovative start-ups face in relation to global online counterfeiting and piracy. Among the others speaking at the session was Windsor Law Grad Georgina Danzig '88.

View the session here.