Georgie-Odette Leadership Symposium (GOLS)

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The Georgie-Odette Leadership Symposium (GOLS)

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As part of the Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative (RPLI), GOLS is an exclusive Odette event held twice a year and has consistently grown in size and scope since its inception in 2013. GOLS is aimed at further enhancing students’ leadership abilities through interactive sessions conducted by prominent business and industry leaders and typically draws an attendance of over 300 participants.

 “GOLS is a point of difference for Odette that we truly encourage all of the business students and community to come out and enjoy,” said Dr. Peddie.

As platinum sponsors of the event, Odette School of Business Alumni, Dr. Vincent Georgie and Mr. Trevor Georgie, have vowed to carry on the legacy of the Odette brothers, Edmond and Louis, by supporting the development of future business leaders. “The Odette brothers shared their considerable success in so many ways, with not only the community at large, but also with those many generations of students at the Odette School of Business who will benefit from their generous spirit for years to come” said Dr. Georgie. “By supporting the Georgie-Odette leadership symposium, my brother and I are recognizing the importance of giving back to our University and our community and we encourage others to do the same”.

The most recent GOLS, held this past October welcomed a variety of engaging speakers and sessions, including keynote speakers Dianne Craig, President & CEO of Ford Canada and Christos Nikitopoulos, Head of Agency Development at Google.