Financial Aid

School of Creative Arts Graduate Assistantships

Many graduate students are employed as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses. As associates in the teaching process, qualified graduate students assist in the set up and assessment of assignments, work with students and participate in class discussion and studio critiques. Full Graduate Assistantships are currently valued at $6,400 for two consecutive semesters (September to April).

School of Creative Arts Research Assistantships

Qualified graduate students are hired by graduate research faculty to assist with special research projects.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

OGS funding is available to both Canadian and International Students with an [A-] average or better in their final two years of undergraduate study.
The current value is approx. $5,000 per term for two or three consecutive terms. Deadline for application is early October. For further information and application forms please refer to:

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Grants

SSHRC Bombardier Fellowships are available to outstanding Master’s students for up to two years. These awards are currently valued at $17, 500 per year. We have had a high success rate in our program in recent years. Deadline for application is early November. SSHRC grants are available to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents only.
For further information and application forms please refer to:

Departmental Awards

  • Warner-Lambert Printmaking Award: Value: up to $1,000. Awarded to an outstanding candidate entering the program in printmaking.

University of Windsor Graduate Scholarships

All students who apply for admission and whose application file is complete by February 10, will be considered for the following awards.
  • University of Windsor Postgraduate Scholarships: A number of tuition scholarships are offered annually for full-time post-graduate study. The awards are competitive and open to university graduates with high standing (A/A- cumulative average).
  • VISA Differential Fee Waivers: For international students, the recipient’s tuition fee is reduced to that paid by Canadian students. Value is, therefore, the difference between the Canadian and visa fees for two or three terms as applicable.