Workshop with the Light of East Ensemble

Some of the instruments played by the Light of East EnsembleSome of the instruments played by the Light of East Ensemble
Friday, January 20, 2017 - 12:00
Friday, January 20, noon to 2:30 pm

Workshop with members of the Light of East Ensemble

Music building, room 126
The Light of East Ensemble will be holding a Lecture /Demonstration/Workshop at the University of Windsor's School of Creative Arts – Music. This 2 1/2 hour presentation is open to all the music students and music faculty. It will be held in Room 126 on January 20, 2017 at 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments.
The focus will be on the following:
- An introduction to the instruments of the ensemble and their history
- A melodic component focusing on the maqamat system.  Only a few maqamat will be discussed
- A rhythm (Iqaa') component focusing on some different rhythms used in Arabic, Greek and Turkish music
- The aspect of dance will be discussed
- Demonstrating the Taqaseem (improvisation):
Melodic instruments and dancer / Percussion and dancer
- Monophonic and Heterophony - a brief demonstration
- Instrumental pieces of the Classical form such as the Sama'i, Longa, Bashraf (Peshref) will be performed and discussed

About Light of East Ensemble

Formed in 2006, London, Ontario-based Light of East Ensemble has an extensive repertoire of music rooted in the many lands of the Near and Middle East, and it performs this enchanting music with passion, sensitivity and respect.
LoEE's vibrant repertoire encompasses traditional, folk, Classical Arabic, Sephardic and Greek Rembetika, as well as 20th century urban music from regions like Armenia, Greece(Asia Minor – Smyrni and Konstantinoupoli) and Turkey, and their neighbouring countries, including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Israel.
This award-winning ensemble (Jack Richardson Music Awards, London Music Awards, OCFF Showcase) captivates audiences in a variety of venues –  from small, intimate house concerts to big, bustling outdoor festivals, such as the renowned TD Sunfest in London, Ontario, Mill Race Folk Festival, Huron Multicultural Festival, Guelph & District Multicultural Festival,Straford Summer Music Festival just to name a few.  LoEE also performs in more formal concert settings, such as dates with the International Symphony Orchestra in Canada & the USA. In 2016 the ensemble's second CD provided the music to the theatrical production of "The Arab-Israeli Cookbook" to sold out houses.
LoEE has two well-received recordings to its credit: the 2009 debut CD, “Beyond Our Shores”, and the 2015 follow-up, “Live At The Aeolian”.  Both were supported by the Sunfest Committee through CD release concerts at London’s Aeolian Hall, and since their release, they have enjoyed airplay on various CBC Radio programs, including In the Key of C, In Town and Out, Bandwidth and The Bridge.
 These timeless rhythms and beautiful melodies of the Middle East are nothing less than mesmerizing, and when coloured with tints of Classical, Jazz, Celtic, Arabic, Greek and Folk, they give Light of East Ensemble a unique, worldly sound. 
Panayiotis Giannarapis
Trevor Pittman