Music Faculty

Students of the School of Creative Arts | Music (SoCA) have access to some of the finest faculty in the country. Private lessons are taught by active successful professionals who are able to model the high standard they encourage in their students. Academic courses are taught by composers and researchers with international reputations for excellence. Our faculty are focused on the success of our students, while maintaining significant and inspiring professional activities.

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Academic areas

Core Studies:  Skills and Theory

Dr. Philip Adamson, Mr. Michael Karloff and Dr. Matthew Tozer

Music Education Faculty

Dr. Janice Waldron

Musicology Faculty

Dr. Sally Bick, Dr. Mary Paquette-Abt

Composition, Arranging & New Music Faculty

Dr. Brent Lee, Mr. Michael Karloff, Mr. Vaughan Klugh Dr. Matthew Tozer

Performance areas

Voice Faculty

Ms. Lesley Andrew, Ms. Peggy Dwyer, Ms. Shahida Nurullah, Dr. Jennifer Swanson

Choral Faculty

         Dr. Bruce Kotowich, Director of Choirs;  Prof. Emeritus of Music Richard Householder

Jazz Faculty

Ms. Shahida Nurullah - voice, Mr. Jeffrey Price - jazz/pop woodwinds, Mr. Robert Fazecash - jazz/pop brass, Mr. Michael Karloff, jazz/pop piano, Mr. Vaughn Klugh - guitar and arranging,  Mr. Jeff Pedraz - bass

Woodwinds Faculty

Dr. Laurel Swinden - flute,  Ms. Faith Scholfield - oboe,  Mr. Trevor Pittman - clarinet,  Mr. Jeffrey Price - saxophone

Brass Faculty

Mr. Ross Turner - trumpet, Mr. Robert Fazecash - jazz/pop brass, Mr. Timothy Lockwood - horn, Mr. Michael Stone - trombone,  Mr. Travis Scott - tuba/euphonium,

Percussion Faculty

Dr. Nicholas Papador, Mr. Julian Jeun.

Keyboard: Piano and Organ Faculty

Dr. Philip Adamson - classical piano,  Mr. Michael Karloff- Jazz/pop piano,  Prof. Emeritus Dr. E. Gregory Butler - classical piano,  Prof. Emeritus David Palmer - organ

Strings Faculty

Adjunct Prof. Lillian Scheirich - violin, Mr. Nicholas Penny - viola, Mr. Andrew McIntosh - cello, Mr. Gregory Sheldon - double bass, Ms. Amy Ley - harp

Guitar Faculty

Adjunct Prof. Steven Dearing - classical guitar, Mr. Vaughn Klugh - Jazz/pop guitar, Jazz arranging