The Faculty of Nursing at the University of Windsor is a leading nursing education institution that is making research for quality healthcare a high priority.

The emphasis on nursing research in the Faculty has grown exponentially over the last decade as a result of a collective effort to create and support a research intensive environment that will have the Faculty become an effective contributor to evidence-based nursing. The Faculty research portfolio is particularly enriched by a mix of a number of enthusiastic established and rising nurse researchers who investigate a diverse scope of topics that stem from Health Outcomes and Health Services Research as two strategic research priorities in our faculty.

The Faculty of Nursing places a special emphasis on engaging students in research and provides a variety of opportunities to facilitate such engagement in recognition of their potential as leaders of the future. Faculty researchers and the Faculty Research Committee reach to inter- and intra-disciplinary partners to engage in various research initiatives that further enhance the research portfolio of the faculty and the local nursing community. While several of these partnerships are geared toward the conduct of specific research projects, others have a larger scope of research and scholarship such as the Biennial Research Conference, the Summer Institute of Clinical Health Research, and the Monthly Research Forums. I invite you to browse the nursing research site for more information on these and other projects.

Maher M. El-Masri, RN, PhD

Professor, Nursing Research Chair