Policies, Bylaws and Guidelines

1) Senate Bylaws & Policies

2) Laboratory Guidelines for Students in the Faculty of Nursing

3) Cheating Policy for Faculty of Nursing - Anyone demonstrating fraud, dishonesty, cheating or plagiarism in relation to any aspect of any course will be dealt with according to University of Windsor by-laws and policies. See Senate Bylaw 31 Academic Integrity.

4) Faculty of Nursing Notice of Use, Collection and Disclosure

5) Transportation Policy for Students and Instructors

6) Nursing Missed Examination and Missed Assignment Policy

7) Missed Clinical Policy

8) Guidelines re Students with Latex Allergy and/or Sensitivity

9) Student with Disabilities/Accommodation Requirements Policy
Students with disabilities who require academic accommodations in any nursing course must contact an Advisor in Student Accessibilty Services (SAS) to complete SAS Registration and receive the necessary Letters of Accommodation. After registering with SAS, you must present your Letter of Accommodation and discuss your needs with your professor(s) as early in the term as possible. Please note that deadlines for submission of documentation and completed forms to SAS are available on their website.