Employment Equity Survey

The Employment Equity Survey will be used for developing and delivering initiatives to promote fairness and equity at the University of Windsor.

To take the suvery, please follow this link

Responding to the Survey

Responding to the survey's self-identification questions is voluntary; however, each employee MUST submit the survey whether or not the questions are answered. Should you not wish to answer this survey, please indicate by selecting the option "I choose not to answer the questions in this survey at this time."


All survey information will remain strictly confidential. The information collected in this survey is confidential, but not anonymous. The information collected will not be used or disclosed except to comply with the University’s Employment Equity program devised in keeping with the Act 9(3), Regulation 96/470 3(6)(b) of the Federal Employment Equity Act, December 1995.

Membership in Designated Groups

This survey invites you to voluntarily indicate whether you are a member of a “designated group”. Please note that a person may be a member of more than one designated group. The four designated groups identified by the Employment Equity Act are: Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and women. In addition, the University has included members of sexual/gender minorities as a fifth designated group.