Ryan Flannagan address group of incoming students from a stage.

Battle of the Faculties



Welcome Week 2019 Winners

Battle of the Faculties Winner

TEAM: Aromatic Ring Masters (Science)

Aromatic Ring Masters, from Science, swept the competition again this year and took home the top prize of The Shield and bragging rights! 

Most Spirited

TEAM: Ring FAHSS-ters

The Ring FAHSS-ters , from FAHSS, cheered their way to victory, claiming the top spot at the most spirit team at Welcome Week! Way to go team! 

What is Battle of the Faculties

Last year, the University of Windsor introduced a new Welcome Week format, the Battle of the Faculties!

The inter-faculty rivalry has students form teams from within each major of study, earning points for participation and success in a series of events and challenges! Faculties include...

  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Human Kinetics

The winners will have a chance to crown their faculty the greatest, as well as receiving the Lancer Shield and a commemorative plaque that will be hung up in the new lounge, The Hum, located in the basement of the CAW Student Centre, where their greatness will be immortalized for the rest of UWindsor history!

Check out some of our past winners, and the legacy of The Shield here

Two students battle with foam sticks at Welcome Week.  First year students cheering on their team.

How it Works

You can win points towards two different titles! The overall Welcome Week Winning Team or the Most Spirited Team! Find a break down of the points below.

Point Value System for Welcome Week: possible 65 points for the WW Winners, and 30 points for the most spirited team

**Involvement Fair: teams will earn bonus points at this event. There will not be an overall winner for the Involvement Fair. For each activity that a team attends they will earn 1 bonus point. If they attend all the activities, they will win 2 extra bonus points. 

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