TT Research

Areas of Research Interest

We are using synthetic organic chemistry in combination with computational techniques to design and make interesting new carbohydrates, peptides and polymers for biological, supramolecular, immunological, material and medical applications. We are particularly interested in projects that involve a multidisciplinary strategy at the interface of chemistry, materials science and biology. We are also based in Windsor, Ontario which is the heart of the historic Canadian whisky industry, and the modern Canadian greenhouse industry. We have active research programs and collaborations in both fields and are always looking for more partners. For more detail than is available on this site, please contact Dr. Trant.

Areas of Research InterestCarbohydrate Chemistry

We are very interested in making artificial carbohydrates, “acetal-free” carbohydrates that are far more stable in biological conditions than the natural sugars.


Peptide and Amino Acid Chemistry

We are using the tools of synthetic and computational chemistry and molecular biology to make new “custom” amino acids for various challenges in immunology and medicine.


Materials Chemistry

We are interested in making new materials based on the biomolecules for a variety of environmental, medical and consumer applications.