Gallery of Meaningful Moments 2016-2018

The Trant Team at Chemprom 2019. Greg and Advait's last Chemprom. I have a hat. It is not flattering. Hat salespeople will, with professional pride, refuse to sell me hats. They are right.

John accepting the "highest" honour bestowable by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Hallowed Golden Shovel, awarded annually to the individual who best displays the ability to shovel .... material, and for distinction and service to the Department. It only took me two years! This was the 50th year it was awarded, and in the tradition of organic chemists being the best judge of others, I will be co-awarding it in the future for hopefully the next 25, taking over from Dr. James Green. 


After a very intense game of Laser Tag the group partied in January 2018. John didn't get the memo about Holiday parties happening in December. Pictured: no alcohol. Also, a whale dog toy with the stuffing pulled out. One of those things is true.

Only in the Escape Room does one test the true mettle of a scientist

Only in the Escape Room do you test the true mettle of a scientist! A lot of fun was had by all. These people are competitors!

Trant Team soon after founding in the Fall of 2016. I think everyone is smiling because we finally got the tubing to set up our pumps.

Nazanin and her mom holding Arteen, aged 2 days. Everyone had just wrote my exam in carbohydrate chemistry. And we had just had Nazanin's Chem Science accepted.