Faculty and Staff

Department Head

Dr. Hans V. Hansen
Chrysler Hall North, Rm. 2192
(519) 253-3000. ext. 2342

Staff Directory

Terry Whelan
Program Secretary
Chrysler Hall North, Rm. 2190
(519) 253-3000, ext. 2317

Philosophy Contact Directory


Graduate Faculty

Dr. Marcello Guarini, Dean of FAHSS

Dr. Hans V. Hansen, Department Head

Dr. Radu Neculau, Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Jeff Noonan, Undergraduate Coordinator

Dr. Deborah Cook

Dr. Catherine Hundleby

Dr. Philip Rose

Dr. Christopher Tindale

Undergraduate Faculty

The aforementioned graduate faculty are all members of the undergraduate faculty as well.

Dr. David Guetter

Dr. Mark Letteri

Dr. Brian MacPherson

Prof. Katharine E. Parr

Dr. Andrea Sullivan-Clarke

Sessional Instructors

Prof. Sandra Orsini

Adjunct Professors

Dr. Douglas Walton (CRRAR)

Dr. Pierre Boulos (Computer Science, Centre for Teaching and Learning)

Professors Emeriti

Prof. John Anthony (Tony) Blair

Dr. Ralph H. Johnson

Dr. Robert C. Pinto

Dr. Laura Westra

Past Members of the Department

Bios for Past Members (.pdf format)