Political Science at UWindsor

Graduate Programs

Why Windsor?

The Department of Political Science at Windsor gives students the chance to be part of a growing and vibrant academic community.

The department has exceptional resources available to fund its M.A. students, and offers two exciting paths to pursue graduate work:

an M.A. degree, which can generally be completed in one calendar year (September to September) through the completion of courses and either a major research paper or a master's thesis;

and the M.A. internship option that combines the M.A. coursework with a 6-month paid internship and valuable hands-on work experience.

World Class Scholars

The department currently has over a dozen full-time faculty members, all of whom are actively engaged in research. Joining the M.A. program will give you the opportunity to participate in and learn from the wide array of research undertaken by our faculty. You can learn more about individual faculty members and their ongoing research from the bios listed on our faculty page.

The department is also home to two major research centres: the Jerusalem Old City Initiative and the Cross-Border Institute. Several graduate students have worked with the Jerusalem Old City Initiative since its inception, and have participated in high-level meetings and ongoing research projects tied to Track II diplomatic efforts centered on the status of Jerusalem. If you are interested in learning more about JOCI and graduate opportunities available in connection with this initiative, please contact Dr. Tom Najem.

The Cross-Border Institute is housed within the Department of Political Science and is headed by Dr. William Anderson. This ambitious research center puts students at the center of North America's transportation infrastructure, and within sight of the world's busiest border crossing at the Ambassador Bridge. Funding opportunities are available. Students interested in pursuing an M.A. in political science with a focus on transportation policy should contact Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Cheryl Collier receiving an award.

Dr. Cheryl Collier (right) was the recipient of the 2013 Kate McCrone Teaching Award, sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science.

Excellent Funding Opportunities

The university and the department are committed to funding students in the M.A. program. Over the past several years, the department has been able to offer a graduate teaching assistantship to all students who entered the M.A. program full-time. The university offers the possibility of a Tuition Scholarship to students who enter with an undergraduate cumulative average of A- or better. Read more about funding and scholarships.

Great Career Prospects

Graduates from our M.A. program have an exceptional record following completion of their degrees.  Our graduates work for Canadian MPs and Senators, in the provincial legislature, and for a number of municipal governments. Many also work for federal government agencies such as CSIS, Health Canada, and the diplomatic service. Others have gone on to become lawyers and journalists, while still others go on to Ph.D. programs. Recent graduates of the program have gone on to undertake Ph.D. research at Carleton University, the University of Victoria, the University of Michigan, and the University of Chicago, among others. The skills you will develop in our M.A. program will assist you in securing a place in a Ph.D. program.

For more information please contact:

Graduate Secretary
Chrysler Hall North 1149
519-253-3000 ext 2348

Dr. Jesse Salah Ovadia, Graduate Program Chair
Political Science Graduate Program
Chrysler Hall North 1136
519-253-3000 ext 2353